Micellar water vs toner

Everyone seeks cleaner skin that looks beautiful. For this reason, more and more products are available that promise their total and effective cleaning, making us doubt about which is the best. One of the most common doubts in this field is the choice between micellar water vs toner to remove impurities and makeup. The facial toner was slow to make its indispensable presence in your beauty routine, but once you will try it and discover the dirty cotton patch even after carefully washing your face, you will become a fan. However, micellar water has appeared to claim its place, taking the place of toner and makeup remover in one go. But are they really the same thing? Which is the best?

Differences between micellar water and facial toner

Understand the difference between micellar water and toner as it depends on what you intend with its use since they are actually different products with a similar objective.

Micellar water

Micellar water was already used in France in the early 1900s, but has only recently begun to make its mark on the beauty market. It owes its name to the molecular compound in its composition, micelles, which react in a similar way to soap.

Its effectiveness resides only in these micelles that attract and remove impurities from the pores without damaging the upper layer of the skin or leaving it dry. Its composition is in fact so simple that it does not contain aggressive ingredients for the skin, but also no moisturizing and health-promoting nutrients.

Facial tonic

The formulas of the facial toner change depending on the brand, but if there is one thing they all have in common, it is a compound of antioxidants, soothing agents and hydrating nutrients.

washing your face

Unlike micellar water, whose objective is only cleaning, the facial toner combines the removal of impurities with the promotion of a more uniform skin in texture and tone as well as more hydrated.

Micellar water or facial toner?

If you hesitate between using micellar water versus toner, the first thing you have to define is your objective with the use of the product. The function of micellar water is to deep clean without interfering with the health of the skin, both for good and for bad. It does not hydrate, but it does not dry or leave skin weak.

The facial toner is less effective in terms of cleansing than micellar water, but it contains nutrients that promote hydration of the skin and the uniformization of its tone and texture. However, its formula changes depending on the brand, so some are more efficient than others.


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