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I’m a daring digital native and entrepreneur since 2009 who ensures her clients’ content stands out. I create compelling copy and content that grabs and holds consumers’ attention in the online arena.


★ Copywriting for Marketing & Websites

★ Content Strategy

★ Newsletters/Marketing Email Blasts

★ Copyediting

★ Taglines

★ About Us/Me Pages

★ Landing Pages

★ Product Names & Descriptions

★ White Papers

★ Case Studies

★ Social Media Copy

★ Article Writing

★ Blog Post Writing

★ Video Script Writing

★ Podcast Ad Script Writing

★ Podcast Script Writing

★ Resume Writing & Revising

★ Press Releases

★ Ghostwriting

★ Hosting an Instagram Live to raise awareness for your brand

★ Freelancer coaching: Want to start your own business? I’m a decade-long entrepreneur and work with aspiring freelancers on how to start their businesses and price their projects.


3269 Oakway Lane
Irvine, CA 92614
[email protected]