Should you cut your hair when growing out a pixie?

Growing hair is a long-term process that even tests the patience of a person even with peace of mind. Specifically, if you have a style like a pixie where the hair is short as far as it can be depending on the person. The visibility of the growth process of hair will differ from the earlier weeks to the later weeks.

More than other hairstyles taking care of your hair while growing a pixie will be a maintenance procedure. While growing out a pixie cut even with different hair colors, we have a chance to put scalp care and healthy ways to protect hair which is troublesome in long hair, more ideas in this article.

Healthy hair

Healthy hair will have a different pace to grow and definitely, the growth speed of hair varies to each individual. On average it takes around 4 to 8 weeks for a pixie cut to grow out well and the look it takes while growing relies on the skills of your stylist. No matter what hairstyle or haircut or coloring we get through a healthy hair will withstand it naturally.

growing out a pixie haircut

If you want to have short hair look for a long time but your hair is a fast haircut while growing pixie can be done but with precise care. Foods that improve hair growth and relying on natural hair packs that would condition your hair is best at this time.


If growing the hair is one’s main idea to trimming the hair often when it is needed will easily help the hair maintain its style. Trimming hair every two to three weeks in a small amount will protect the hair from damage and also keeps the shape maintained.

When the hair turns out to be of lob length cut your hair when growing out a pixie to replenish the look so that the hair is not round and goes out of shape. For some people who get bangs with a pixie-like layered or side-swept look with bangs, the hair growth changes the look.

In colored hair with pixies if the hair roots grow and the hair color fades trimming will be helpful not to lose the look. If hair grows out and if you like it accessorize them like 90’s trends or we have to curl them or create waves out of our interest. A massage with coconut oil often will help grow pixie hair which is time-consuming.


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