Reasons of wearing sunscreen in winter

Why should you wear sunscreen in winter?

You may not believe it, but your skin still needs using sunscreen in winter. Even with the sun behind the clouds, ultraviolet rays continue to reach the skin. But you can benefit from other qualities of your protector.

Why use sunscreen in winter?

Reasons of wearing sunscreen in winter is the sun can disappear for a few days, hide on cloudy days. The temperature drops and you even forget that it exists sometimes. It is normal to forget to apply the sunscreen, and find that on days like this, the sun is not harmful to the skin. A very common mistake.

The sun in winter can do as badly as it does in summer. Ultraviolet rays are quite harmful, even on rainy days.

Reasons to use sunscreen in winter

Prevents flaking

One of the most pleasant things about winter is a hot bath to warm your body. But hot water is not so good for your skin.

Excessive heat, in addition to causing oil on the scalp and face, can also dry out the skin. Very hot water removes the protection from the skin, which are dead cells, such as keratin.

Therefore, the skin can peel and become oily. Putting on sunscreen in winter offer hydration to the skin, preventing flaking and tissue malnutrition.

Sagging, wrinkles and aging

Over time, your skin loses its elasticity, and becomes flabby. This flaccidity generates the famous skin wrinkles. This process can be enhanced by the cold, which attacks and dries out your face.

Even your skin can suffer damage from visible light, that light from televisions, cell phones and computers. Visible light causes photo-aging, leaving the skin with a greater number of spots and an aged appearance.

The sunscreen favors the production of collagen in the skin, reducing the damage of premature aging and helping young and healthy skin.

Skin cancer

By many, sunscreen is known as the best cosmetic in the world. And the purpose for this happens to be very modest: it stops skin cancer.

sun rays

Care for skin cancer prevention should be daily, and not just in summer. Even though the greatest number of sun rays are present in the summer, they also reach the skin in the winter.

Another observation that must be made is that care should not be limited to your face alone. Therefore, sunscreen should protect most of the body that is exposed beyond the face, such as the neck, hands, arms and lap.


If you are one of those who like to be beautiful at any time, a BB Cream may be the best option for you. Use sunscreens that have a base for your face, a toner. So, in addition to protecting your skin and preventing premature aging, you always look beautiful.


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