Disadvantages of doing eyebrows shape on your own

Everyone loves defined, thick, brows, but after several weeks without leaving the house, the shape is gone and you are Brooke Shields. Now is the time to act.

Before doing eyebrows shape at home, it is important to prepare the area. For this you must clean both the skin and the hair to remove impurities and dirt and be able to work better. You can wipe a cotton pad with a little micellar water or an oil-based cleanser. Next, it is important to comb the eyebrow to better see its shape. The first advice from professionals is precisely that you do not try to design the eyebrow or shape it by waxing as there are tons of disadvantages of doing eyebrows shape on your own. It is important that you stick to their shape. To do this, here is a little trick: The best thing is to do the eyebrow makeup as you usually do, only this time you will thicken the makeup to make sure that you do not remove more hairs. Next you must clean the areas that are outside that thickness.

Once the thickness is defined, you come to a crucial part, the frown. During adolescence you fight against what you consider unruly hairs and you lead your eyebrows to start further back. So to calculate how far to pluck them, Benefit experts point out that only the hair that is above the nasal septum should be removed, but without getting close to the beginning of the eyebrow.

eyebrow makeup

Don’t play dyes

When you’ve succumbed to dyeing, it’s tempting to match the shade of your brows with the rest of your hair, but this mistake is unforgivable. It is not recommended applying any kind of hair dye or similar thing, as these use to be very injurious to eyebrow hair. The elements of these dyes use to be very powerful. And it is precisely that applying dyes that are not specific for this hair can weaken it and favor its fall. Fortunately, there are dyes on the market specially formulated to be applied to the eyebrows. They adhere like a rubber band and must be removed very carefully in a similar way to a peel off.


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