What causes nails to turn yellow?

Well-groomed hands are your calling card when communicating with people. They match the appearance of a successful, healthy, wealthy person. But from time to time, various annoying troubles can happen to them. One of these difficulties happens to be the yellowness of your nail plates. Read on to find out the key reasons of having yellow nails.

What causes your nails to turn yellow?

So why is this happening? Nails turn yellow both for external reasons and for some diseases of internal organs.

Long-term use of certain medications can affect the nails. These can be tetracycline antibiotics, quinoline drugs and arsenic components.

Quite often, the owners of yellow nails are smokers. Over time, nicotine and harmful tar builds up in the body. Because of this, the yellowness of the nails and skin of a person appears, which looks very repulsive.

Chemical attack. In everyday life, nails are often exposed to chemicals. These can be various detergents, low-quality nail polishes and nail polish removers containing acetone.

Acquired dystrophic onychia. It is about trophic disorders in the area of ​​the nail matrix. In this case, the nails on the hands and feet turn yellow, spots, transverse stripes and dotted depressions appear on them. Dystrophic onychia is a consequence of many diseases.

Psoriasis also affects the nails. They become yellow, spots seem on them, set along the edge, weaken and break. The surface of the nail plate is covered with dotted indentations, as a result of which it resembles a thimble. Sometimes these changes occur before the accompanying skin rash.

How to discard yellowness on nails

Ways of getting rid of yellow nails a cosmetic defect depend on the cause, but if there is a deviation from the norm, it is advisable to visit a dermatologist or therapist. The examinations prescribed by the specialist will help determine what caused the yellowness. A visit to the manicure room will not bring a special effect: using procedures to eliminate the cause, especially if it is a disease of internal organs and systems, it will not work.

If the yellowing was provoked by external factors not associated with pathologies, then it is enough to follow simple rules:

  • nail plateUse gloves at the time of washing and cleaning dishes;
  • Cut tea and coffee quantity;
  • Change varnish, always apply base and use acetone-free stripper.

It is better for smokers to get rid of cigarettes and after a while the nail plates will regain their normal appearance. Diet adjustments will also be helpful. In the absence of signs of intolerance, olive oil, fruits, vegetables, cereals, whole grain breads, liver and meat should be added to the diet.


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